About M1 Systems

M1 Systems is a Design, Sales, Installation, and Service provider for Integrated Technologies for the Home and Commercial Buildings.

Our main focus is in Custom Home Integration, but we are constantly providing Access Control, CCTV, Alarm Systems, Audio / Video Systems and Custom Media or Conference Rooms for the Commercial Business world.

We offer a one stop shop for everything low voltage for the home and business.

Home Theater, Structured Cable, Intercom, Alarm, Central Vacuum, Lighting Controls, Whole House Audio and Video, Whole House Automation, Gate Entry Systems, Gate Motors, and Custom Gate Fabrication, Home and Business Phone Systems.

M1 Systems is a proud member of CEDIA and CEA.

CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design Installation Association).

CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).

We are a licensed California Electrical Contractor (C10), and carry an Alarm Company Operators license (ACO) for the State of California as well. Please verify our licenses on our licenses page with live links to the California Contractors web site, and please check our competitors licenses (or whomever you might have bidding against us) while you are on the Contractors Board web site.

We encourage everyone to visit our “Educate Yourself” page for more info on contractor licensing and insurance requirements.

M1 Systems considers our membership with CEDIA a partnership with our customers.

Why, because CEDIA verifies that M1 Systems is licensed, insured, and properly knowledgeable in our industry.

By CEDIA being listed as an additional on our insurance, and workers compensation insurance, they are notified by our insurance company if we ever cancel or miss a payment. If our contractor’s license expires or is revoked they are notified and we are no longer a member. Through training and testing requirement CEDIA verifies that we know what we are doing.

This is our best way of giving you an honest source to check on us. Check us out on the CEDIA web site, and you will know M1 Systems is qualified. (Or we can give you are cousins phone number for a reference on one of our installations, like others contractors do!)

 What we will not do is give out our customers private phone numbers for you to call and ask about there system and how they liked using M1 Systems. Not that our customers will not give us a great recommendations, but we choose to not bother them with potential customers. Our customers are long term customers who refer M1 Systems to friends and family, and with are appreciation of that; we choose to not ask them to take calls for job references from a potential customer. Then after M1 Systems installs a system in your home we will continue our same policy and not give out your private phone number for future potential customers of M1 Systems.

Our CEA membership provides us with news and trends in the industry as well as trade show privileges. M1 Systems is constantly researching new products and ways of integration. We attend 10-12 industry trade shows and seminars a year with dozens of new product training and certifications a year. We stay on top of our industry because that’s what you pay us for, and it’s our hobby at the same time!

We carry Factory Certifications with all of our systems as well. (See certification center)

As well as beta test new systems for our system manufactures, M1 Systems provides feed back on what our customers are asking for in features as well as design to our manufactures. Some of our system manufactures have been around for 60 years, and there is good reason for that!

M1 Systems has spent countless hours putting together some of the best systems available for your home or business. We strongly believe we have put together an all-star cast of products with some name brands that you may have heard of like Bosch, Klipsch, Denon, NEC, AMP, Panasonic, or GE. Others are brands like M&S, Airvac, Linear, Doorking, ELK, and Smarthome, these names are less recognizable but are leaders in there industry as well.

The name brand systems do not mean everything, but what M1 Systems tries to offer with every system from Home Theater to Alarm to Gate Entry is the best system for your money, after all it is your money.

With the vast back round of experience M1 Systems looks for quality performance, ease of use, usable features, good esthetics, and a solid warranty with all systems we choose to sell and install.

Some customers want to compare “apples to apples”, but the last time I was in the grocery store I found 15 different “apples” to choose from!

So view our products category to see and hopefully understand the difference we offer.

M1 Systems is large enough to be knowledgeable and technical in everything we do, but still strive to maintain the creativity so many homeowners desire when building the home of there dreams. Every home is treated with the care and respect we would extend to our own and our technicians take pride in each and every installation we do.

You might pay a few more dollars to go with M1 Systems on your project, but we know it will be worth it!

If you are looking to save a lot of money, you do not really care about how your systems work, look or sound, and whatever goes into your home is just fine. M1 Systems is not the contractor you are seeking!

We are in business to provide systems to make life in home more enjoyable, convenient, safe, and secure, with every system we install you add more value to your home.

After all it’s your home, it’s your money, and it’s also your investment.

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