Service Calls

M1 Systems handles all its own service calls with our own factory trained technicians, and most of the time the same technician that installed your system will be the one that shows up.

 (Does this mean much?)

Yes: It means the same tech that installed your system and whom you already know and trust in your home, will probably find a problem faster. It also means you will not have to give a tour of your home and show a new tech where everything is located. You will also trust the original tech without having to watch over the shoulder of another tech that mite not know where everything is.

All M1 Systems Technicians are registered with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, which has performed a thorough background search with the State and FBI. So trusting our technicians becomes a little easier!

At the same time you may have a question on operating your system that the original technician showed you in training, but you just can not quit remember. With the same M1 Systems technician that trained you, it might be easier to ask a question or get an idea about an upgrade to your system.

We have found this to be a major help every time we send the same technician back out. For M1 Systems it also helps the technician learn about what might be a problem for future installs or give feedback to one of our system manufactures about a defect or bug in the software.


M1 Systems takes service calls to another level. We have a vast background in commercial service where being on time and having the knowledge to fix or repair it right the first time means you get paid and called back the next time something happens.

We are listed on many of our system manufactures web sites as a factory service provider and 90% of our service calls are directed to us from our system manufactures.

Yes this means we do service systems that we did not install.

If the manufacture trusts our services to list us or recommend to a customer to call us for service; that must mean something – right! 


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