Custom Builders

M1 Systems Specializes in Custom Homes with over 20 years working from Santa Barbera to San Diego on sizes from 1500 sq ft to 56,000 sq ft.

We offer a Better System at a Better Price for our Better Customers, thats right all our customers are the Best!

Outside of our All Star Product Line Up, our Years of Experience, our Craftmanship, and Attention to Detail, we bring the latest knowledge of Industry Trends. Its our Lifestyle, we live with these products its our job to know everything about them. With Custom Home Projects that can take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years to complete the build, if we our wiring for future systems, we better have a clue what we are doing!

Being a CEDIA Certified Installation Company M1 Systems is up on anything outthere in the Low Voltage Industry. With Hours of Training on New Products every year we rivel Doctors and Lawyers in the amount of training and class time we put in every year, just to stay on top of our industry.

If you are a Builder that has been using the same Low Voltage guy for years, or a Home Owner that is entertaining multiple bids for your project; you should be looking for a CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association)Certified Installation Company. CEDIA is there for you the consumer to verify that we are Licensed, Insured, and Properly Trained in our Industry.

If your not using a CEDIA Certifeid Company, "Its O.K. we will still be around to help later. Please see the tab to the left titled SERVICE!" We will see you soon!

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