M1 Systems handles factory warranties for our customers and for customers that had systems installed by others.

If we installed it and something goes wrong under the factory warranty, M1 Systems will take care of it. That’s how much trust we put into the systems we have chosen to sell and install.

We have factory warranties of 1-2-3 years on most electronics, our Beam and Airvac line of Central Vacuums has a 5-10 year warranty, our AMP Netconnect Structured Cable System has a 25-year warranty, and the Klipsch line of built in and outdoor speakers has a Lifetime warranty.

All new installations provided by M1 Systems from the ground up, come with our 5-year warranty on wires and installation. If damage or problems to the system were caused by others, the warranty is void. If at any time the system is serviced, modified, or added onto by others our warranty will void.

Example: If M1 Systems provided an alarm pre-wire for your home, and you called ADT out to install the alarm system, our 5-year warranty on the pre-wire will void. If ADT requests our help in any way, we will charge a service call to hold their hand.


On a factory warranty that was installed buy others, M1 Systems will issue a service charge for our time, and any return shipping costs that the factory refuses to pick up.

If the problem was caused by the original installing company, and needs to be corrected by M1 Systems, a service charge with time and materials will apply. In this case you the customer will be given the option by our M1 Systems technician that the problem occurred because of an improper or poor installation by others and you can pay M1 Systems or ask your original contractor to return and try to resolve the problem.


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