Lighting Controls


M1 Systems has researched dozens of lighting systems to find a lighting control system that can start at one switch and build up to a whole house lighting control system.

With M1 Systems we can start you with a couple of programmable custom dimmer light switches and let the system grow as you wish. Most of our customers have the convenience of custom lighting controls in their home with 3 to 50 light switch devices.

We can provide custom lighting for your Kitchen, Family Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Office, or any Perimeter or Landscape lighting.

M1 Systems can provide Lighting Control for your New or Existing Home with, Design, Sales, Installation, Training, Service, and Warranty.

Lighting controls can be as simple as a programmable dimmer switch that turns on to 75% with a single touch or all on with a double tap, along with a slow dim off with a single touch or an instant off with a double tap. We can control these switches with another switch in the home, a keypad switch, to a Whole House Automation System that can run everything on a schedule and give you access via a cell phone, PDA, or over the internet. When we get into Lighting Automation, we can do simple but very useful things. When you come home at night and use your garage door opener to open the garage door, we can trigger the main hall light or kitchen light on, maybe both. When your alarm goes off, we can add outside flashing lights to the siren, and turn on interior hallway lights to get you outside saftly.

Custom Lighting Controls can save you money on energy, give you extended life on your basic light bulbs.

With one dimmer switch set to rise to 60% only: you will get 32% savings on that electric, 10 years average on the light bulb, and $128.00 savings over 5-years. Add 20 dimmers in the house and save $2560.00 over 5-years.

Best of all it adds convenience to your everyday living.

You will be amazed at what a few custom light switches and keypads can do for your home.

It’s a New Home Again!

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