Structured Cable

Structured cabling is still not a terminology most home owners or even home builders are familiar with. Some are still referring it to as “Networking the Home”, and some believe wireless networking works just fine. Others know better! If your custom home builder is not familiar with Structured Cabling Systems, they may be a little behind in technologies for the home.

The 2x4 used in framing the home is still the same standard piece of wood, but the looping phone line and basic TV cable is not even used in the production homes of today. Well there are some production and custom homes still wiring homes wrong, but we will not go there! Or live there!

The Technology of a Structure Cable System is fast becoming the standard in every home. In a nut shell Structured Cabling consists of your Phone, Cable or Satellite, and Network cabling in a user friendly central hub. A properly installed Structured Cable System will give the Home Owner Complete Customization of the Phone, Cable or Satellite and Network Cabling in the home.

What we do with Structured Cabling is first we use AMP Netconnect Structured Cabling System, as a Certified AMP Netconnect Installation Company we can offer the only system on the market with a 25-year warranty. You may have heard of AMP through there commercial line of products, they have been a leader in the commercial business networking from the start.

We use the AMP Netconnect in wall hub as the back bone to all the incoming signals to the home, Telephone, Cable, Satellite, DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite Internet, and Fiber Optic (where available).

Every wall plate is decora style with color matching plates and jacks; we will customize applications as needed. Like a kitchen with black switches and outlets with stainless trim plates, we can match that! It looks good too!

What we refuse to do is put blue and purple CAT5e jacks in a generic white wall plate so you can tell which is which. Once they are installed they never move so port 1 will always be port 1 and port 2 will never change and so on. We would rather keep esthetics then force you to hide our wall plates behind a piece of furniture. We are proud of our finished product and some customers like to show them off.

The AMP System allows you to make any wall jack; phone, internet, or data, in any combination, because each wall jack is a dedicated CAT5e or better cable. Proper cabling will provide greater bandwidth distribution, cleaner data transmissions, and better security then wireless technology. Bandwidth will give you faster internet or local network transmissions, and stepping up from CAT5e to CAT6e will take you from 350 MHz to 550 MHz in bandwidth for a reasonable price. M1 Systems choose AMP Netconnect because it is the most user friendly Structured System on the market. If it is too complicated you will not use it!

Networking the home has never been easier; by bring the incoming signals, (DSL, Cable Modem, or Satellite Modem) to the AMP hub first, we can locate the high speed modem and router in the equipment area of the AMP hub, there is a self contained AC power outlet located in the hub for convenience. Want to share the internet or one quality color laser printer with the whole house and or transfer data files with other computers. Maybe the kids want to link two or three computers for gaming.

M1 Systems offers Audio and Video servers that can store your CD’s and DVD’s and share them with any TV that has a CAT5e jack located near by. Whole house audio can also transfer digital music over the CAT5e in a Structured Cabling System. A Panasonic Phone System for a residence with a home office, can easily be added or upgraded to with a Structured Cable System in place.

Once the AMP System is finish, M1 Systems will help you set it up train you on how to make future changes, and leave you with a detailed wiring diagram of your home. The door on the in wall AMP hub has a key lock, so the changes you make can stay secure from wandering hands. It is also nice when the kids are in trouble and loose phone or TV privileges, simply unplug their locations disabling the wall jacks and lock the AMP hub door.

What we have found comparing other systems to our AMP Netconnect system “apples for apples”. M1 Systems provides a completely finished product, our hub is ready for cable or satellite or even both. Every phone or data port is customizable by you the end user. You just need your High Speed Modem and a Router and you’re on your way.

What we have seen our competition provide is a bare hub can with generic wall plates. We assume these customers are offered an upgrade package to finish the hub can and make it user ready. We have met a few of these home owners and none of them were expecting they had bought a “Not So Ready Structured Cable System”.

AMP Netconnect RS36. A simi flush inwall 36" Structured Cable Hub with utility power outlet, room for up to 36 cable connections, and up to 54 phone and or data jacks.

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