Phone Systems

M1 Systems offers Panasonic Residential and Small Business Phone Systems.

With a Panasonic Phone System you get features like built in Intercom, link a Door Bell Intercom or Gate Entry Station to the system.

Easy Call Forwarding, Hold and Call Transfer to other Extensions. If the call is for Dad and he is out on business, the call can be forwarded to his cell phone without missing a beat. Your customer will never know they just called a Home Based Business.

Private Intercom between room stations or all paging for the entire house.

Direct Home Business lines to only ring that extension or Kids lines to only ring their rooms. Even a no ring strait to voicemail after hours function, so the business line does not ring at all hours of the night.

Built in voice mail for each user, now you get your messages and not the whole family’s messages. On hold music, can also be played through the phones built in speaker.

For any Home Office, with a Panasonic Phone System, you can now work and function from the home just like any professional office.

Panasonic offers small residential systems with wireless handsets to large business systems to handle 100 plus phones.

Best of all if you have a Structured Cable System from M1 Systems, you are already halfway there. A Panasonic Phone System Integrates with our Structured Cable System using the existing wiring. You just need to know how many phone sets you want and where you want them.

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