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Klipsch Dynamic Stereo Two Way Speaker Indoor or Box the same components are used in both, giving M1 Systems the ability to mix and match to custom design your system. For a Music Lover that only listens to a little suround sound here and there, we can use Klipsch Towers or Book shelves for that great two channel experience and add a couple model matching built ins for the rear channels.

BEAM Serenity IQS
BEAM by Electrolux Serenity IQS with real time LCD display, 10-year Motor Warranty, Lifetime Filter Warranty, Quite Pack Sound Insulation, Built in Utility inlet, Self Cleaning Filter from the inventors of GORE TEX fabric, On Guard Anti Microbial Bucket, and Anti Vibration Mounting System.

Klipsch KL-7800-THX
Klipsch KL-7800-THX flush in wall two way THX rated speaker with 8 inch aluminum woofer and 1 inch titanium dome driver with Tractrix horn. Sealed baffle back box. 600 watts peak.

Universal MX-6000
MX-6000 TOTAL CONROL! Color Graphic Touchscreen Display with WiFi two way feedback control. When teamed with the Universal PSX-2 iPod Dock it takes over your iPod like nothing else, displays cover art, playlists, and allows you to build new playlists on the fly. When teamed with a WiFi internet router you get live sports, news, weather, and stocks. Sorry about the stocks, we can delete that!

Universal PSX-2
The PSX-2 is an AV iPod dock with built in automation for the iPod that provides high-end music server functionality via any programmable remote control system and a TV. Enables functions like play more from this artist, shuffle my jazz, alphabetically search and the intuitive ability to create a play list for a party from any keypad or remote control on their TV set.

Klipsch Rock
Klipsch AWR-650-SM Rock Speaker from Klipsch takes over six decades of audio experience and wraps it into a high-performance, weatherized package that blends in perfectly with most landscapes. Available in a granite, sandstone or red rock finish. Satisfy your summertime urge to rock out!

ELK M1 Touchscreen
The ELK-TS071 is an in-wall mount 7" LCD color touchscreen designed to operate with the M1Gold and M1EZ8 controls. It features a super bright TFT display, powerful microprocessor, and includes Elk's Remote Management Software (RMS) The easy to use graphical interface is designed to simplify the operation of both security and automation. Its low profile design satisfies the most discriminating taste.

Netstreams Touchscreen
This IP-Based in-wall LCS touch screen features a 7 inch, high resolution, TFT color LCD touch panel, which displays the meta-data (artist, album, song, cover art) and transport controls available for each audio/video source or SpeakerLinX module. Lets you select location to contol, Intercom, Cameras, Lighting, HVAC, Security, or Pool Controls.

Lutron Dimmer
Lutron Dimmer Desert Stone is just 1 of 27 color finishes to choose from. With the famous Lutron screwless trim cover it looks good with any finish. The LED status bar will show you what percentage you have dimmed the lights to.

Klipsch X10
The world’s smallest, lightest and most comfortable headphones are big on sound. Featuring a wealth of micro-technology, Image X10 earphones provide pristine music performances that are as distinct and defined as your favorite artists themselves.

Image X10 uses an exclusive balanced full-range armature micro-driver with a tuned bass-reflex system to deliver superior acoustic experiences with all the dynamics and accuracy you'd expect from Klipsch.

Klipsch KS-7502-THX
So stunningly detailed and immersive, the KS-7502-THX in-ceiling surround speaker brings a whole new dimension of reality to home theater. Perhaps that’s why it’s the first of its kind to receive the highly respected Ultra2 certification from THX.

Klipsch RoomGroove
Alone, the RoomGroove makes a great iPod speaker; combine it with other RoomGrooves and you get a KlipschCast™ wireless multi-room music system. But wait, there’s more. The RoomGroove can also share wireless audio signals with our CS-700 home theater system.

Klipsch Custom3
Listen like a rock star with Custom 3 studio reference in-ear monitors. Whether it’s the spine-tingling riffs of an electric guitar or the incredible boom of a kick drum, you’ll get the “live on stage” euphoria only Klipsch can provide.

Inside these earphones, you’ll find exclusive KG723 tweeters, KG731 woofers, and patent-pending electro-acoustic crossover systems that let you hear performances just as the artists intended— an excellent choice for musicians and critical listeners.

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