Intercom Systems

An Intercom System for the home can consist of as simple as a basic front door or gate station to call the house phone line with a distinctive double ring.

These work well for basic communication and we offer 12 different Schlage door handle metal finishes to match your exterior door handle or lighting fixtures. Communicate through any house phone to your door or gate to know who is there and offers some security to communicate to them with out opening your door.

If it’s a whole house Intercom System that you are looking for to communicate and add some music to the whole house then you have some options. An entry level system with some good looks and excellent sound is the M&S DMC1 Intercom System. Having the ability to monitor a babies room, call everyone to dinner, have a doorbell with voice communications, or listen to music throughout the house with AM/FM and optional 6-disc CD changer. The DMC1 is available in white, almond, or black. M&S redesigned there old intercom system with a completely new design with digital sound and esthetics designed by and with a female perspective. That’s right a digital intercom music system designed by a woman. It looks good, sounds good, and works very well.

M1 Systems is proud to be involved with the launch of this product. As a beta tester, we got to install the first one outside of Dallas where M&S designed and manufactured it. We worked with M&S on system performance and customer feed back, as well as helping in redesigning some of the installation concerns. We also voted it into a best product of the year award for 2004 Electronic House Magazine and M1 Systems was quoted in a trade publication with a nice review of the DMC1 Intercom System. No we were not paid for that review!

The DMC1 is a smaller system, meaning smaller room stations and master station, with an elegant look, superb sound, with user friendly intercom features. Good bye to the old plastic room stations of old! What M1 Systems offers with this system is all the options that we have learned how to add to it. As a certified M&S Dealer to provide system design, sales, installation, and service, we have learned everything there is to know about this unit, including what our competition fails to provide. We know this because we have serviced a few dozen installations by others that did not provide some simple features that can give this system its full potential.

The next step in Intercom Systems is the XDM System also by M&S. M1 Systems was again involved with beta testing this system as well. The XDM turns your Intercom into a Whole House Music System. Basic intercom and door station communications along with digital music. With the XDM you get digital music to built in ceiling, built in wall, or patio speakers. The XDM provides 60 watts to each room with six sources and 4 zones up gradable to 8 zones. Six sources from your main entertainment plus one local source for each room, will allow you to share the Satellite Music, CD, FM, plus two other sources with each room station. The local source will allow the kids to listen to there IPOD, MP3, TV, or Video Game through the digital 60 watt amp to the local built in stereo speakers. Along with a remote control pass through from each room station you can have complete control of your audio equipment. The XDM System is powerful, easy to use, and convenient to communicate with the door or the whole house.

Another System added to our All Star Product line up is the OnQ Studio Series Intercom and Whole House Audio System. This system adds a modern look, a Selective Call Intercom, and 4 sources of Digital Music, Expandable to 32 zones.

Want more we got it, with Netstreams we have a Digital Intercom with Selective Call and Monitoring, along with Whole House Digital Music, and Automation. See Netstreams in our Whole House Audio Video Products.

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