M&S DMC3/4 Retro

The DMC3-4 from M&S is based on there award winning DMC1, with a new modern looking design, a lot better sound, most all the same features with some new extras, but designed to be a replacement for your older intercom system.

The master station and room stations are also available in white, almond, or black.

Whether its an older M&S Intercom System, and they have been making these systems for over 50 years now, that still works fine but you just want to update it, or the system is not repairable because of its age, or maybe it’s an old Nutone system with less features and sounds bad, a large percentage of these older or other systems can be swapped out using the existing wiring in the home.

The M&S DMC1 has a smaller footprint for the master station and the room stations, but with the DMC3-4 trim rings the older larger holes in the drywall or stucco can still be covered up. It also offers the same optional 6-disc CD changer as the DMC1.


If you are remodeling your home it is a good time to retro fit a DMC3-4, because you can drywall patch and paint the larger holes left by the older system, and finish out the DMC3-4 with the smaller master station and smaller room stations. A much cleaner look!

Is your master station located on a tile or marble back splash? We may need to modify the size of the master back box. Does your master station have a CD Player, Tape Deck, or even a Phono Player! Yah Phono Player; they were making these intercoms 50 plus years ago!

How many room stations do you have? Are they the smaller style 6x8 inch or the larger style 10x12 inch, and what colors are they? Or maybe its time for a color change. Do you have a patio station and size of it? And do not forget about the door bell station and weather you have a 3-note or 8-note door chime? This might be a nice time to replace the door station with a modern looking one.

If you use your older system for whole house music and you use the intercom quite often, this is a great upgrade; most of our customers have loved the sound improvement and the good looks are not bad either, the intercom functions stay about the same with improved sound clarity. If you have good FM reception or you add the CD this thing really sounds good. It’s a big improvement from a system that was installed in 1960 or installed in 2004.

Call or email us for more details; or a free estimate.

M&S DMC3-4
Retrofit System is a full-function intercom and music distribution system designed for retrofit. The master unit can replace older intercom systems that use three-wire or four-wire connections, supports up to 15 room stations and up to three doors. AM/FM radio tuner allows setting eight AM station presets and eight FM station presets. The backlit liquid crystal display shows the operation mode, audio source, radio frequency, volume setting, and time. Add-on an optional 6-disc CD changer.

M&S DMC3-4 Almond
Almond version.

M&S DMC3-4 Black
Black Version.

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