Whole House Automation


Whole House Automation can be as simple as a Security system that can turn a light on or close a garage door from a central keypad or touch screen.

A lot of people think of an Automation system as a lot of computers running lights, window drapes, heating and air conditioning, and the coffee maker.

M1 Systems starts with an alarm system that can control everything and anything in the home, and then we customize it to your lifestyle. We start with the main three food groups in the automation world, Alarm System, Lighting Control, and HVAC Control.

With the Energy Savings these systems provide, your system will pay for itself over a few years of savings. Your home controls like Alarm, Lighting Controls, and HVAC can be controls through a Keypad, Household Phone, Cellular or Offsite Phone, PDA, Built in Touch Screen, Wireless Touch Screen, Local Network Computer, or over the Internet.

M1 Systems offers different versions of Automation from the ELK M1 Alarm System that has built in Automation Software to run Lighting, HVAC, and almost everything else. Here is the basics on how it works. Your ELK Alarm System will know when you are home and away, and it has a built in sunrise and sunset clock. So you arm your system for away, and it goes into energy management mode, we tell it what temperature you want for 6PM when you come home, and it will adjust, if you are late it will turn some lights on for you. If you arm it for vacation, it will simulate lighting and make it look like you are home. You can call into it on your way home and adjust the temperature, turn on the lights and start the spa.

M1 Systems will provide the Design, Sale, Installation, Training, Service, and Warranty.

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