Aprilaire HVAC Control

So you have alll your Systems: Audio/ Video, Lighting, Security, Surveillance, Pool/SPA, Appliances, controlled from touchscrren locations. But you still have to get up and reset or reprogram your Thermostat or multiple Thermostats. By swapping out your existing Thermostats with Automation Networkable ones from Aprilaire, you can control all of them from any location. Even better let the Elk M1 contol the schedule, and overide when you arm your alarm for away, or vacation mode.

Aprilaire 8061
The 8061 TT Temperature Sensor Module allows you to connect to a remotely mounted 8870 thermostat. This unit can be located as a second unit in a large room or another side of the house to give you a varible reading. It has a small profile and an elegant look to fit in almost anywhere.

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