Whole House Audio/Video

Whole House Audio has been around for some time now, it use to be confused and sometime still is confused for an Intercom System with music.

For basic back round music a Intercom System like the DMC-1 does a nice job, step up to a XDM Intercom Music System and you get a integrated system that is still basic and easy to use. We offer the Studio Series by OnQ as well for an Intercom System and Whole House Music System.

When you are ready to take control of your Whole House Music System we offer Netstreams IP Digital Audio and Video. With Touchscreens, Touchpads or Wall Keypads we can control basic volume, play pause, skip, and back. With advanced control we get meta data from your iPod, including playlist, album cover art and next song available, or with Serius Satelite we get song, artist, and station logo. With a basic iPod or a Music Server, we have unlimited Sources and Zones. Did I mention a Selective Call Intercom, Lighting Control, HVAC Control, Jandy Pool System Control, Security Alarm and Camera Control.

A Whole House Audio System consists of 1-2-4-6 speakers in a room or area that are wired back to the main listening area or entertainment center in the home. Add a wall mounted volume control to that room or area and you have some override control of the music volume.

Today’s Whole House Audio Systems are shifting to Digital Systems with digital amps built in to the keypad or volume control. When we go Digital with Netstreams we become more efficient, by sending a digital signal from the main source in the home to the digital amp located in the room behind the touchscreen or located with the speaker, a 20 or 50 watt system is plenty. These systems are allowing expansion into multi zones (rooms or areas) with multi source (FM, IPOD, XM, CD, SATELITE, MUSIC SERVER, ECT.).

So a 4 zone 6 source Whole House Audio System will give you 4 rooms or areas in the house with 1-6 speakers each and allow up to 6 different sources to be selected, a good system here will allow you to listen to different sources in different areas at the same time.

Example: Mom has the CD playing in the Kitchen, while Dad has the ballgame off the satellite TV playing audio on the patio speakers, while Emily is listening to songs off the IPOD in her room, at the same time Oliver has his favorite FM station playing in the living room while he finishes his homework, and Tyler has a local source in his bedroom playing his XBOX in stereo through in ceiling speakers. That’s 5 zones playing 5 sources at the same time. Just add some quality Klipcsh in-ceiling or in-wall or outdoor monitors and you’ve got a rocking good time Whole House Audio System; and if M1 Systems Designed and Installed it; well we know it will ROCK!

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