Netstreams IP Digital Audio Video

Netstreams Touchscreen
This IP-Based in-wall LCS touch screen features a 7 inch, high resolution, TFT color LCD touch panel, which displays the meta-data (artist, album, song, cover art) and transport controls available for each audio/video source or SpeakerLinX module. Lets you select location to contol, Intercom, Cameras, Lighting, HVAC, Security, or Pool Controls.

Netstreams Touchpad
The TouchLinX TLA250 is the ideal keyboard for zones requiring exceptional audio quality, but do not need a full color touchscreen. The text based OLED screen provides metadata, control of the zone, and IP intercom for the zone. The glass faceplate covers the entire outside surface of the display. Capacitive touch buttons under the glass allow the user to control the TLA250 and comes in white, black, almond, light almond, and ivory. Backgrounds can be customized to just about anything.

Netstreams Keylinx
Intuitive and easy to operate, KeyLinX features 10 (ten) laser-etched hard key buttons for basic source selection (4 sources) and transport control. Attractive blue LEDs provide the backlighting on these buttons, which change to Amber when a source is selected. Choose from high or low backlighting. Green LEDs easily show the volume level of the source equipment so that at a glance, the user can determine the current volume level for the music playing in that room.

Netstreams Musica
NetStreams Musica Distributed Audio system is designed to deliver superior audio performance and features interactive keypads that are very easy to operate/use. The advanced design of the Musica system places digital amplifiers in each zone, behind each keypad, rather than in one central location. This improves sound quality by reducing noise, distortion and power losses as well as increasing reliability. Available in white, almond and black face plates.

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