Security for the home or commercial application, we constantly utilize our past experience of over 16 years of securing everything from 2 bedroom condos, to estates with over 56,000 square feet.

We have been trusted to perform security installations and service on homes of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, and the Arron Spelling 56,000 square foot estate, to name a few.

You may ask us to contact a few of our customers for referrals, and we will proudly say NO; and after you are a M1 Systems customer we will respect you and your families privacy and say NO to the next customer that would like to contact you and ask you a bunch of questions about your families alarm system.

We have worked on many Celebrities homes, Government Officials, Doctors, Lawyers, and everyday Normal people’s homes (along with some not so normal).

Best of all, we have worked on a lot of Builders homes. Quality and detail on a custom home installation is always noticed buy a Builder. With M1 Systems every one of our customers is treated like Rock Stars! Every one of you keeps us in business!

In the commercial security world we have worked on 90% of the Los Angeles Downtown high-rises, 12 different Southern California Major Hospitals, 6 different Studio Lots, Numerous Banks, Cash Exchange Vaults, 4 Southern California Airports, Government Facilities, Military Bases, Courthouses, and Foreign Consulates.

We have covered everything in the security environment from, alarm sensors, motion detectors, proximity card readers, biometric finger print readers, hand readers, and retinal scanners. So all this adds up to a very secure home for you and your family. M1 Systems puts some of the best security equipment into our customer’s homes, while keeping a creative design with good aesthetics’ in mind for the finished system. We can not give away all our security secrets here on our web site, or we would not be in business for very long. What we can say about our security systems, is we add conveyance to all our systems and give you a little extra with every system.

Example (a car alarm system was just another car alarm until these systems started locking and unlocking our car doors) that’s convenience!

We are a Custom Integration Company that can custom design your Security System. We can provide security window screens that will allow you to arm your home and still keep the window open or cracked, while protecting it the whole time. We offer smoke detectors, heat sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, natural gas detectors, water leak sensors, and monitored water flow on sprinkler systems. Motion, microwave, stress, and glass break detectors, along with outdoor motion, parameter beam, and ground sensors. M1 Systems provides alarm system monitoring through what we think is the best central station in Southern California.

M1 Systems offers you a complete high end security system without any long term over priced monitoring contracts. We sell you the Security System complete and then offer you a discounted alarm monitoring rate.

Your home owners insurance will offer you a discount for a monitored alarm system, which will cover the cost of monitoring for a year or at least a good portion of the cost depending on the insurance company.

We do not lease alarm systems and force you to pay high monthly fees that pay for the system over and over again.

We also allow you to cancel your monitoring contract at any time without any penalties, anytime! Honestly.

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