ELK M1 Automation

ELK M1 Touchscreen
The ELK-TS071 is an in-wall mount 7" LCD color touchscreen designed to operate with the M1Gold and M1EZ8 controls. It features a super bright TFT display, powerful microprocessor, and includes Elk's Remote Management Software (RMS) The easy to use graphical interface is designed to simplify the operation of both security and automation. Its low profile design satisfies the most discriminating taste.

ELK M1 KP2 Keypad
ELK-M1KP2 is a low profile, LCD Keypad for the M1 family of Controls. It features a 32 character blue/white backlighted display, blue lighted keys, 4 programmable function keys, along with the ELK menu navigation keys. It may also be recess ’flush’ mounted. The M1KP2 is compatible with proximity readers, allowing cards or fobs to be used for arming and disarming. When we add a speaker to it the system announces what the alarm is, or on chime mode is says "Front Door" when the door opens.

ELK M1 Arming Station
The ELK M1 Arming Station is a slick little keypad that can be located into a lighting switch for astetics. It works great with a active speaker that anounces what is open and arming or disarming. It does not diplay a digital readout of what zones are not ready to arm, but gives you led status and f key functions.

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