Model Number: Klipsch Custom3

Klipsch Custom3

MSRP: $299.99


Listen like a rock star with Custom 3 studio reference in-ear monitors. Whether it’s the spine-tingling riffs of an electric guitar or the incredible boom of a kick drum, you’ll get the “live on stage” euphoria only Klipsch can provide.

Inside these earphones, you’ll find exclusive KG723 tweeters, KG731 woofers, and patent-pending electro-acoustic crossover systems that let you hear performances just as the artists intended— an excellent choice for musicians and critical listeners.

Custom 3 includes five different washable ear tip sizes: small, medium, and large single flange designs as well as small and large double flange designs. These soft, flexible ear tips are light and narrow, making them almost impossible to feel inside your ears.

"... we were blown away with how well these earphones convey vocals. Truly, the warmth and clarity of the human voice through the Custom-3s is impressive, particularly the female voice. Fans of heavily vocal-driven singer/songwriter music stand a good chance of adoring these 'phones, not to mention connoisseurs of jazz." - Nate Lanxon, [7/7/2008]

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