Power Conditioners

M1 Systems utilizes two of the leading manufactures when it comes to Power Conditioners. Almost everything we build or come across we can offer Richard Gray’s Power Company for Performance and Protecting the Audio and Video Gear.

To most of our customers a Richard Gray’s Power Conditioner is a High Performance Surge Protector. It cleans up the dirty power coming from your home wall power outlet and provides High Current On Demand for your Audio Video Gear, while absorbing spikes and brown outs from the electric company, or from the guy next door that is running a welding shop out of his garage.

It’s like running Premium Gas in your car, but let’s add a Octane Booster with that to be fare! That is what a Richard Gray’s System will do for your Audio Video Gear.

Sound becomes more dynamic with wider deeper sound stage, better bass impact.

Richard Gray’s yields a more laboratory grade of current for increases in image depth and black level detail color intensity on all video formats, including the latest projectors, studio monitors and Plasmas.

State-of-the-art protection from both the lethal spikes and constant smaller surges that plague electronic parts causing eventual failure making components work harder and therefore more inefficiently to overcome line anomalies MOV is protected from a power surge by the huge parallel choke system.

M1 Systems also utilizes Furman Sound for Power Conditioning Applications.

AC noise greatly inhibits the performance of audio and video reproduction, by smearing, distorting, and masking the low level detail that DEFINES high resolution sound and picture quality. By virtually eliminating these noises and distortions, premium systems are able to CONSISTENTLY deliver peak performance without compromise.

I am sure you are protecting your Home Computer with some kind of Surge Protector or UPC. How much did you invest in your Audio Video System? Are you protecting it with something better then a $15 surge protector?

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