M1 Systems offers 4 different types of Displays (TV’s).

We offer Plasma Panels, LCD Displays, Projectors (over head front projectors), and Rear Projectors (DLP, LCD, RPTV, Big Screen TV).

We offer some of the best in Displays, and at the same time offer some cost effective products for special applications.

Plasma, still the best Flat Panel type Display available.

Some say all sorts of bad things about Plasma, but we know better! Most of the bad rap about Plasma was released from LCD manufactures. Why we know better is because our main line of Plasma’s is built by NEC, which happens to build a commercial line of LCD’s as well. They can explain the pluses and negatives of both products without prejudice.

For example Plasma screens are rumored to dim out in 2-3 years. Tell that to our customers that purchased their Plasma in 2002! NEC as the leader in Plasma manufacturing has come up with an expected half life or when the display will be at half the original brightness at 60,000 hours. Or just over 20 years at 8 hrs per day and 365 days per year. What was the last Television you owned for 20 years? I can go on about permanent image retention, brightness and contrast, LCD will replace Plasma, LCD is better, consumes more electricity then LCD, on and on and on! Our brands carried in Plasma consist of NEC, Pioneer, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, and Panasonic.

For LCD M1 Systems offers a less known brand called Nuvision. Again the best LCD manufacture out there. And yes it’s better then Sharp! A leader in the LCD market, Nuvision’s edge details, smooth motion, color optimization, and response enhancement are just some of the features that make Nuvision TV LCD screens stand apart from the competition. We also offer Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony, Sunbrite, and Sylvania in the LCD lineup.

When you’re looking for an Overhead Projector, we offer brands like Mitsubishi, JVC, Optoma, SIM2, BenQ, and Infocus. Different applications will determine what best brand and model we will recommend.

As for screens, be it fixed or powered drop down; M1 Systems is an authorized Stewart Filmscreen Dealer. Stewart Filmscreen is regarded in the industry as the Rolls Royce in their business. Most Movie Theaters, Auditoriums, even the Oscar and Grammy Awards are outfitted with Stewart Filmscreen.

For RPTV, Rear Projection TV’s we offer Mitsubishi.

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