Custom Remote Controls

M1 Systems offers Universal Remote Controls as the leader in the Custom Remote Control Industry.

Since 1991 Universal Remote has been the innovator and currently builds millions of remotes per year. They build remotes for over 25 different name brand electronic manufactures.

With Universal Remote Controls M1 Systems can take your three to five and some of our customers had eight remote controls and program them all to one simple, convenient remote control.

We add features like System On, to turn on the T.V., Satellite or Cable Box, and Surround Sound Receiver all with one button. System Off will turn every component and T.V. off. We can add favorite keys to take you straight to ESPN, or FOX NEWS or that favorite Music Channel you can never remember the channel number for. We can set the volume level to 30% every time you turn your system on. With a Universal Remote we save you clutter on the coffee table and save you the cost of batteries for all those remotes. You learn one remote and only one remote!

With one remote you can surf the on screen guide for channels, raise and lower the volume, switch over to a DVD and play, advance, or pause the movie. Or if you still own a VCR you can run that as well.

Why did M1 Systems choose Universal Remote? Not because they were the least expensive or the easiest remote we could get our hands on. We tried four different other brands and kept referring to “If these guys would only have set this or that up like Universal Remote did, it would be easier”. So at every trade show 2-4 per year we check out the other guy’s remotes, and when they get something completely better, M1 Systems will look at switching remotes.

M1 Systems attends 2-3 Universal Remote Controls trainings on new products or new techniques per year. We Love It That Much!

Universal MX-6000
MX-6000 TOTAL CONROL! Color Graphic Touchscreen Display with WiFi two way feedback control. When teamed with the Universal PSX-2 iPod Dock it takes over your iPod like nothing else, displays cover art, playlists, and allows you to build new playlists on the fly. When teamed with a WiFi internet router you get live sports, news, weather, and stocks. Sorry about the stocks, we can delete that!

Universal MX-3000
Ultimate control. Universal Remote Controls touch screen full color graphic remote. Complete Customization with Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery and Docking Station.

Universal MX-980
MX-980 Custom Programable LCD Display with IR and RF Control. Multi Macros allow us to turn your whole AV System on or off with one button. Favorite Channels show a color graphic logo of the channel and one button direct access. Rechagable Lithium Ion Battery includes docking station.

Universal MX-880
MX-880 Custom Programed LCD display with IR and RF Remote Control of up to 40 devices and 30 favorite channels. Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery.

Universal MX-450
MX-450 Color LCD Display with IR and RF control. This is one of our basic remotes thats perfect for a budget remote, or a Master Bedroom, Den or Patio Remote.

Universal Lighting
Universal Lighting By Lutron these Lutron Dimmers are pre-programed to link to Universal RF codes. So its Lighting Control via your Universal Remote. Perfect for Theaters, Family Rooms, Master Bedrooms. Now your Universal Remote that controls all your AV gear can dim the lights in the room for movie time or raise the lights when the show is over.

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