Personal AV Systems

M1 Systems offers Personal AV Systems for a stand alown room application like a Master Bedroom, Den, Game Room, Condo, or Apartment. We also carry Earbuds for iPods from Klipsch, simply the Best Earbud on the Market so we had too!

Klipsch CS-700
Sized to fit beautifully into any room, the CS-700 home theater system delivers immense cinema-style audio with fewer wires and components. And, because it features KlipschCast™ wireless technology, you can pair it with our RoomGroove iPod® speaker to set your music and movies free. ¦DVD/CD player, AM/FM tuner ¦HDMI output with 1080i up-conversion ¦Satellite/cable input, two auxiliary inputs with component output ¦Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology ¦Wirelessly broadcasts CD-quality audio

Klipsch X10
The world’s smallest, lightest and most comfortable headphones are big on sound. Featuring a wealth of micro-technology, Image X10 earphones provide pristine music performances that are as distinct and defined as your favorite artists themselves.

Image X10 uses an exclusive balanced full-range armature micro-driver with a tuned bass-reflex system to deliver superior acoustic experiences with all the dynamics and accuracy you'd expect from Klipsch.

Klipsch RoomGroove
Alone, the RoomGroove makes a great iPod speaker; combine it with other RoomGrooves and you get a KlipschCast™ wireless multi-room music system. But wait, there’s more. The RoomGroove can also share wireless audio signals with our CS-700 home theater system.

Klipsch Custom3
Listen like a rock star with Custom 3 studio reference in-ear monitors. Whether it’s the spine-tingling riffs of an electric guitar or the incredible boom of a kick drum, you’ll get the “live on stage” euphoria only Klipsch can provide.

Inside these earphones, you’ll find exclusive KG723 tweeters, KG731 woofers, and patent-pending electro-acoustic crossover systems that let you hear performances just as the artists intended— an excellent choice for musicians and critical listeners.

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