M1 Systems starts with Speakers for the Home Theater. Why because any Good Audio Video Company knows that the sound makes the difference!

We can make that 27” Mitsubishi from 1990 look better with a Good DVD Player, Power Conditioner, and Good Cables.

That “System in a Box” sound system from Bose’, Panasonic, Yamahaha, Sony, or even Onkyo, we can do everything to and not improve it one bit!

Speakers will make or break your system. This does not mean you have to drop bank on a good speaker system, or run large concert type box speakers to get that sound.

M1 Systems went with Klipsch as our main Speaker Manufacture. Not because there the best known or most expensive speaker brand, which Klipsch is not! Because they are the Best Speaker Manufacture with the widest product line up. From a High End Two Channel Audio Speaker “Klipschorn” at $2250; which is the only speaker in the world that has been in continuous production, relatively unchanged, for 60 years, all the way to a desk top multimedia computer speaker?

With Klipsch we offer the best in quality and in price with Built In Ceiling, In Wall, Satellite Speakers, Tower, Bookshelves, Subwoofers, Outdoor Speakers, THX Certified Theater Speakers, THX Certified In Wall Speakers, In Wall Subwoofers, In Ceiling Subwoofers, Outdoor Subwoofers, Plasma Style Wall Speakers, Multimedia Speakers, IPOD Speakers, Professional Cinema, and Business Music Systems.

Yes Klipsch was founded as one of the first U.S. Loudspeaker Companies in 1946, which makes it “A Legend in Sound”.

Regal, United Artists, and AMC Professional Cinemas are powered by the Klipsch Professional Cinema Series Speakers. So if Klipsch builds a product good enough to pass the vigorous testing of THX Certification and can handle the high demands of a Professional Theater, you will agree with us at M1 Systems that they sound very good in your Home Theater, Whole House Audio System, or Outdoor Sound System.

The Hard Rock Café’s, Hotel’s, and Casino’s, have chosen Klipsch as there Speaker of Choice to outfit all there facilities.

Once you’ve been spoiled with the quality sound of Klipsch Speakers we can even sell you the Klipsch Multimedia speakers for your PC or the Klipsch IPOD Dock!

If indeed your ears have a taste for another Speaker Manufacture, M1 Systems also offers Speakers from other Speaker Manufactures like:


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