Cooling Systems

M1 Systems has tapped one of the leaders in the industry for custom cooling devices for all your Audio / Video needs.

Through Active Thermal Management M1 Systems can provide cooling for individual Amplifiers to complete cabinet cooling systems.

With custom heat sync detection these fans only kick in when the temperature hits a high level, and with new whisper quite ball bearing fans you will not hear them running constantly.

Before your gear overheats lets protect it and keep it running cool with Active Thermal Management.

Active Thermal Management
If you are unfamiliar with what a Cool-Vent does, the concept is simple. It is an attractive solid wood grille with fans discretely hidden behind it that either pull cooling air in or push hot air out. We can build this into entertainment centers to push or pull hot air from your electronic gear.

Active Thermal Management
Ideal for amps, receivers and almost anything else that could overheat in your system.

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