Airvac Toolkits and Replacement Parts

Toolkits and replacement parts for your Central Vacuum can be ordered over the phone with M1 Systems. Weather M1 Systems installed your Central Vacuum or you found us through the Airvac or M&S Authorized Dealer Service Provider we can help you.

Maybe your replacing your old toolkit, adding another toolkit for your upstairs area, looking for the garage toolkit to keep handy in the garage for those quick car touchups, or looking for a add on tool to enhance your existing tool kit. M1 Systems has put together a great group of add on accessories from a swifter wet dry attachment to a hose sock to protect your walls and baseboards. We can sell it to you over the phone with a credit card order and have it shipped out the next day. Find the part number or toolkit model and give us a call for current pricing.

If you’re looking for replacement Vacuum bags or a new filter, just give us your Central Vacuum model number.

AIRVAC Gold Series
AirVac Gold Series Disposible Bag unit with 10-year warranty.

AirVac VM4200 Deluxe Power Tool Kit. Direct connect 30 foot hose with no extra power cord to plug in. With powered inlets installed this unit brings High Voltage power to the 14” powered carpet brush with headlight. High/Low voltage crush proof hose with 3-way handle switch, telescoping wand, deluxe horsehair tools with hose rack and tool caddy.

AirVac VM2200 Power Tool Kit. Features the same tool kit system as the VM4200, but with a 6 foot electrical cord and plug for the home that was not outfitted with powered inlets. As long as you have an electrical receptacle within 6 feet of your central vacuum inlet, or with a additional 10-15 foot extension cord, you can utilize the powered 14” carpet brush with head light.

AirVac VM1200 Air Driven Tool Kit. Low voltage crush proof hose with handle on/off switch. 12” air driven turbo carpet brush with friction fit wand and deluxe horsehair tools. Hose rack and tool caddy included.

AirVac VMGAR Deluxe Garage Tool Kit. 30 Foot low voltage crush proof hose with hose rack. Floor, dust brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush, two friction fitting extension wands, and tool caddy. Ideal for the home owner that uses the central vacuum to vacuum out the cars. No more using the house hose and tools out in the garage and dragging dirt and debris from the garage back into your house. A must have!

VMTKD. Basic Tool Kit.

Deluxe padded 30 foot Fabric Hose Cover.

Replacement disposable bags for Gold or Blue Series canister vacuums. 6-pack.

Replacement disposable bags for NEW 2006 PLATINUM SERIES AVP canister vacuums. 6-pack.

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