Central Vacuum


Why install a central vacuum system in your home?

Add Convenience, Healthier Living Conditions, Quieter Home, and Added Resale Value.

Convenience, no hauling around a heavy canister up and down stairs. Simply plug the hose into one of the conveniently located inlets located throughout the home, and the unit will start up and whisk debris away. More Power and ZERO DUST, which the leading upright vacuum produces 3x the dust of a Central Vacuum.

Healthier Living, both the EPA, and National Lung Association consider a central vacuum system to have more HEPA filtration, and a better way to reduce allergy causing agents. The EPA rates air quality in the average home from 5 to 100 worse then outdoor air. Carpet weighs 4-5 times heavier after it is removed from the home. So what is that extra weight??? Americans spend 70% to 80% of their life in their home, and average a daily intake of 19,000 liters of air. Shouldn't be clean?

Quieter Living, the noisiest part of house cleaning use to be vacuuming. I am sure at one point someone in the home use to raise the volume on the TV when someone was vacuuming, not with a central vacuum system.

Added Resale Value, many home buyers are asking what built in features come with the home. The cost of a central vacuum system will double or triple in added resale value, and the value will stay with the home for 20-30 years. Compare to a canister vacuum, a central vacuum will carry a 5-10-year warranty and still carry resale value after 30-years. It pays for itself and will actually gain value as the home gains value with the market.

Did the last vacuum cleaner you bought ever increase in value and turn a profit for you?

BEAM by Electrolux is constantly innovating its product line to remain a leader in the central vacuum industry.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade your older Central Vacuum we can help you with a replacement. Call or email us for details.

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