Structured Cabling

StrucStructured cabling is still not a terminology most home owners or even home builders are familiar with. Some are still referring it to as “Networking the Home”, and some believe wireless networking works just fine. Others know better! If your custom home builder is not familiar with Structured Cabling Systems, they may be a little behind in technologies for the home. The 2x4 used in framing the home is still the same old piece of wood, but the looping phone line and basic TV cable is not even used in the production homes of today. Well there are some production homes still wiring homes wrong, but we will not go there! Or live there!

What we do with Structured Cabling is first we use AMP Netconnect Structured Cabling System, as a Certified AMP Netconnect Installation Company we can offer the only system on the market with a 25-year warranty. You may have heard of AMP through there commercial line of products, they have been a leader in the commercial business networking from the start. We use the AMP Netconnect in wall hub as the back bone to all the incoming signals to the home, Telephone, Cable, Satellite, DSL, Cable Modem, Satellite Internet, and Fiber Optic (where available). We wire home run wires of combinations of CAT5e, CAT6e, CAT7e, RG6 Quad Shield, and Fiber Optic (Fiber Optic Cable when application is requested). Using only premium quality cable these home runs are dedicated from one room location to the AMP hub, again no looping. By placing two wall plates in each standard bedroom with two CAT5e jacks and one RG6 Quad Shield F connector jack on a single gang 3-port decora style wall plate to match decora style power receptacles and wall light switches. Yes we match them for esthetics, design, color finish, and function. By placing 4-port wall plates at the main entertainment center and master bedroom entertainment center, we add an additional coax cable for Tivo applications, FM antenna, or dedicated security camera feed. For each side of the master bed location we use a 2-port single wall plate which will allow a phone to always be plugged in and allow a laptop to be plugged into the network or internet to work from bed The only single port application M1 Systems installs is that dedicated wall mount phone location. Again every wall plate is decora style with color matching plates and jacks, we will customize applications as needed. Like a kitchen with black switches and outlets with stainless trim plates, we can match that! It looks good! What we refuse to do is put blue and purple CAT5e jacks in a white wall plate so you can tell which is which. Once they are installed they never move so port 1 will always be port 1 and port 2 will never change and so on. We would rather keep esthetics then force you to hide our wall plates behind a piece of furniture. We are proud of our finished product and some customers like to show them off. Always keeping up with the Jones! With home runs you can also make any wall jack; phone, internet, or data, in any combination, because each wall jack is a dedicated CAT5e or better cable. One wall plate with two CAT5e jacks can be phone lines 1 and 2 or 1 and 3 or internet and data, any combination can be achieved, and easily. Utilizing home run cables allows any phone jack in the house to be switched via a color coded jumper. This is as easy as plugging a phone into the wall jack, as it is to change a phone line at a certain wall jack location. Think of it as any phone line at any location in the house. Why M1 Systems choose AMP Netconnect, for there Structured Cabling System. Hands down the best system on the market. There are dozens of systems out there; the AMP system is one of few back loaded systems, where the wiring terminations are all hidden behind the jack panels. What this means is less confusing things for you the consumer to look at and try to understand. Also less chance of wondering hands to cause a problem that will result in a service call. The only parts you have immediate access to are the jumpers with number label jacks. With our wiring diagram you can put every jumper back in the proper locations. Trust me the Phone Company, Cable Company, and Satellite Companies will take everything apart, not knowing what they are doing. We can put it back together or walk you through it over the phone and have it back up and working in a few minutes. Other manufactures hub systems will require hours of re terminating wires that are exposed as soon as you open the door to their systems. Some of these other systems are complicated to us and the manufactures product reps have trouble explaining them to us what they can and can not do, so we do not pass that off to our customers. Did I mention the 25-year warranty that AMP offers with a certified installation. What was the last thing you bought that was built into your home and had a 25-year warranty on it?

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